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Angry Vegan Woman takes here neighbors to COURT over searing barbecue smell from their grill

A proud Vegan woman from Perth named Cilla Carden is ruling the news headlines, and you won’t believe the story explaining why.

Her neighbors really love barbecue, and the smell of baby back ribs cooking on the grill probably filled the airwaves around her constantly.

Proud Vegan Cilla Carden was fed up with the smell of meat cooking next to her house on barbecue grill, and pressed charges on her neighbors taking them to court. According the news reports she said, “It’s been devastating, it’s been turmoil, it’s been unrest, and I haven’t been able to sleep”.

Cilla Carden in her garden Image Credit: Twitter

She claims her neighbors cooking up barbecue meat on the grill “doesn’t allow her to enjoy her own backyard“.

How would you react if you were the neighbor who loved having cookouts with your family? Would you be willing to be a nuisance to your neighbor, that you also feel is being a nuisance to you? It’s kind of a lose lose situation.

Does she have a case? Or is she shooting for stars?

Story is still developing.

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