When news broke that Rockets traded Russell Westbrook to Washington for John Wall, history was made in way no one would ever expect. It’s possible that James Harden and John Wall are the first NBA “blood gang brothers”. They are the first two superstars with alleged blood gang ties to play on the same team.

It fits perfectly they are both in Houston since the color red is part of their uniforms. Through the years both James Harden and John Wall have done several things that make it seem like they are blood gang members. Take a look.

John Wall has literally thrown up blood gang signs on camera, while decked out in all red.

James Harden has literally used blood gang vernacular on Twitter in the past, and has thrown up blood gang signs on TV. In 2005 when James Harden told Lil Wayne “We got seats for u 5 Whooppp“, that was the first instance of Harden revealing his possible blood gang ties. Both the “5” and “Whooppp” are well known terms blood gang members use when talking to one another. Lil Wayne is one of the most famous blood gang members in the world.

Here is an instance of James Harden throwing up blood gang signs during a game on Live TV.

It’s hard to say how James Harden and John Wall will work together on the court, but the fact they already have a natural chemistry off the court definitely will help. Since they are both allegedly part of the same blood gang, it could mean they share the same philosophies on certain matters off the court.

Who knows maybe the Rockets discovered the possibility that both John Wall and James Harden were blood gang members, and thought pairing them together could work. The Rockets franchise is known for taking an unorthodox approach to building a team roster.

If the rumors are true about their gang ties and James Harden can’t get along with his fellow Blood in John Wall, it’s going to be another tough season for the Rockets. Hopefully James Harden let’s John Wall lead the team.

In a few weeks we will see the first possible NBA Blood Gang duo ever James Harden and John Wall.

Author: Jordanthrilla