Is Ayesha Curry skin bleaching? Ayesha Curry was accused of bleaching her skin after her new blonde hair went viral. People think Blonde Ayesha Curry looks like a white woman not only because of her hair, but because her skin looks considerably lighter.

People on social media started to react to the video conveying how hair color can make a big difference in a persons overall appearance, but is the Blonde Ayesha Curry trying to get more in touch with her white side by skin bleaching?

Take a look at why people think Ayesha Curry is bleaching her skin like Collin Sexton.

When comparing the new Blonde Ayesha Curry to a photo of her from a few months ago, you can see a drastic change in the color of her skin. Ayesha Curry’s skin looks to be a few shades lighter from a skin bleaching regimen.

As aforementioned this brings back memories of Cavaliers superstar Collin Sexton getting exposed for bleaching his skin.

With the evidence at hand and her history of having body image issues, it’s not far fetched that Ayesha Curry is skin bleaching too.

Author: JordanThrilla