Bonnie Pointer of The Pointer sisters has died at age 69. Her family confirmed the news of Bonnie Pointer’s death via multiple news outlets. If you’re a fan of old school music or grew up during the 70’s, you know Bonnie Pointer was a part of classic songs like “I’m so excited”, “Slow Hand”, and “Jump for my love”. Fans of The Pointer Sisters were seen posting sad messages on social media in remembrance after hearing the news that Bonnie Pointer is dead.

The Pointer Sisters were at the peak as group during the early to late 70’s. Bonnie Pointer eventually attempted to pursue a solo artist career, similar to how Beyonce eventually left Destiny’s Child.

Some people might remember the cool stories Ruth Pointer told about Bonnie during the classic interview with Ted Simons.

RIP Bonnie Pointer.

Author: JordanThrilla