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Brad Wanamaker Hits Kyle Lowry Groin with Flying Karate Knee in Game 3 Raptors vs Celtics

Brad Wanamaker is most known for having a head too big for his body according to Draymond Green, but now he might be know a crotch destroyer. Brad Wanamaker hit Kyle Lowry’s groin with flying Karate knee in Game 3 of Raptors vs Celtics. The knee was so forceful that Kyle Lowry was already in a fetal position in mid air.

You could feel the pain of the flying karate knee connecting with his groin even through the television. Take a look at Brad Wanamaker’s kicking Kyle Lowry’s crotch.

The worst part about this is that Kyle Lowry was called for the foul even after a review saw he was clearly kicked in the crotch. Kyle Lowry is the best player in the league at taking charges, and is always willing to put his body on the line for the team. However, he’s probably not willing to put his crotch on the line too.

Let’s hope there was no long term damage from the flying karate knee to Kyle Lowry’s crotch.

Author: JordanThrilla

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