Social media is place where people can let their personal preferences be known to public. For people who are famous this means something as simple as posting pictures can lead to major controversy. A situation like that happened for Bronny James recently after he started posting women in a TikTok thread.

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Bronny James Angers Black Women After TikTok Post Showing He Only Likes Light Skinned Women

Lebron James’ son Bronny angered black women with TikTok posts that seem to convey he only likes light skinned women. Bronny James posted photos of several light skinned women he found attractive with a caption saying “mhmm”. Black women noticed immediately there was no dark skinned women on his list.

Black women voiced their anger in his comments asking why Bronny James only posted pictures of light skinned women. Some even mentioned how Lebron James is about black empowerment and his mother black, yet Bronny doesn’t like dark skinned women.

To be fair, just because Bronny James only posted light skinned women doesn’t necessarily mean has anything against women with a darker complexion. Also the woman Lebron James allegedly cheated with was a fair skinned woman. Maybe Bronny actually likes the same kind of women Lebron likes now.

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