Chris Webber’s long run on sentence during Lakers vs Blazers Game 4 is going viral. Most people know he gives some of the most boring commentary on TNT, but Chris Webber’s run on sentence during Game 4 stole the show. Chris Webbers long sentence went from talking about red flags in football, to talking about Anthony Davis’ height and speed.

Chris Webber’s run on sentence was long, you might as well call it a marathon sentence.

It’s not clear if Chris Webber listens to his own commentary after games, but if he does there’s no way he doesn’t laugh at his profound use of run on sentences. There would literally no periods in a rant from Chris Webber while commentating.

The funniest part about Chris Webber commentary is how mad it makes most people. Chris Webber’s long sentences are just icing on the cake.

Author: JordanThrilla