Shaq made his AEW wrestling debut, and it ended up being one of the craziest matches ever seen. The peak moment of the match was Cody Rhodes knocking out Shaq falling through a table. Cody Rhodes took advantage of Shaq hanging on to the ropes with no room to dodge his attack.


In the beginning of the match Shaq had the upper hand as he destroyed the entire nightmare family, then proceeded to powerbomb Cody Rhodes. It seems in the end he got a little to over confident giving his opponent the opening to knock him unconscious.

Look at Shaq KO’d going through that table. It seems he may have hit the back of his head on the floor, which may have been accidental.

Cody Rhodes Knocking Out Shaq Falling Through Table in AEW Debut

The biggest take away from Shaq’s AEW debut is that he is a natural in the ring. He knew exactly how to over exaggerate all his moves to make things entertaining, but not cringeworthy. He used his 7’1″ 325 lbs. frame to impose his will in a manner that made him seem larger than life. All that practice falling through things on Inside the NBA paid off for him.

Author: JordanThrilla