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Cosmic Wave Hitting Earth on June 30th Sparks Conspiracy Theory

June 30th Cosmic Wave Conspiracy Theory.

Remember how you learned in science that light gives us energy? Well, according to a new report a massive cosmic wave hitting earth on June 30th is going to do just that. The Cosmic Wave Conspiracy Theory claims that on Tuesday a massive of amount of cosmic energy from other universes and galaxies is being sent to Earth. This is where it gets crazy.

Theorists believe the energy in this Cosmic Wave is meant to upgrade our mind, body, and soul. They say that every human being on earth will notice their creative abilities drastically increase inexplicably.

This boost in creativity will allegedly help humans discover abilities they never knew they had. The abilities will improve the individuals quality of life in some form or fashion.

Since the June 30th Cosmic Wave Conspiracy theory is based on an a future event, it’s hard to say if this is really true or not. However, if there is some side project you’ve always been thinking of starting, you might want to wait to see if this Cosmic Wave energy really improves your creative ability.

Author: JordanThrilla

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