DaBaby’s daughter almost blinded him with hot cheetos in a viral video. In the footage the two were eating peacefully, when DaBaby’s daughter put a cheeto in DaBaby’s eye by accident. It almost looked like she stabbed him with Cheeto, while looking into the camera.

The video became hilarious when DaBaby daughter checked his nose instead of his eye, then told him “Nothing is wrong with you” with an assertive voice. DaBaby’s daughter paid no attention to his eye that was partially closed from the Hot Cheeto spices burning it up.

DaBaby escaped a possible serious eye injury, and now has a priceless video that he and his daughter can look back on years from now.

This might be one the greatest father daughter moments of 2020 in HipHop. DaBaby’s daughter putting a Cheeto in his eye will never be forgotten.

Author: JordanThrilla