Defund Cook County Jail is going viral after Chicago residents started calling them out for different reasons. Some Chicago residents claimed that Cook County Jail was racist then added a “Defund Cook County Jail” hashtag. Some people where seen ranting about the alleged enormous spending in Cook County Jail despite people struggling to pay rent.

Take a look at some of the hashtag “Defund CCJ” reactions.

Cook County Jail has the residents of Chicago brewing with frustration. Imagine the police chief logging into twitter and seeing “Defund Cook County Jail” trending.

Some people feel defunding Cook County Jail would be the wrong decision due to the high crime rates in Chicago. On the flipside some people feel racist tactics are being used to falsely imprison people, or to inflate incarceration rates.

Tough decisions likely need to be made, but hopefully the city of Chicago can come to a resolution that benefits everyone.

Author: JordanThrilla