Did Drake snitch on Casanova? People are remember how Casanova ruined Drake’s pink sweater after FBI announced their manhunt for Casanova.

Earlier this year Drake’s pink sweater got caught on Casanova’s chain and stretched like pink bubblegum, while trying to dap him up. Drake sweater got hooked on Casanova’s chain and was stretched so far it looked like a cartoon as you will see below.

If that sweater was super expensive, some people believe Drake might have held some animosity towards Casanova. This leads some conspiracy theorists to believe that Drake snitched on Casanova allowing the FBI to connect him with the Untouchable Gorilla Gang.

This conspiracy is definitely a stretch for more reason than one, but Drake seemed to be one of Casanova closest friends. Pusha T and Tekashi69 have also accused Drake of snitching in the past for petty reasons.

However, it’s highly unlikely Drake snitched on Casanova due to the pink sweater incident. Crazier things have happened in 2020 though, so who really knows.

Author: JordanThrilla