Has Casanova escaped the United States? FBI is hunting Casanova who is still at large in what seems like the hiphop version of Pablo Escobar’s last days. It has sparked Casanova Conspiracy Theories from people who believe Casanova left the country already.


Casanova is one of 18 alleged Untouchable Gorilla Gang members who were indicted for a myriad of crimes. FBI alleges they committed COVID-19 fraud, heinous acts of violence, and drug trafficking. Casanova was allegedly involved in the murder of a 15 year old as well.

The FBI posted picture of Casanova on all their social media platforms to let the entire world know he is wanted. They asked anyone to call their hotline with information leading to his arrest.

Casanova was well known in HipHop, but also one of the biggest mysteries. He was doing public side hustles like his cooking show, was always seen hanging with biggest superstars like Drake, but no one was really sure how he made so much money without having a popping music career. Let’s be honest most people can’t name a popular Casanova song from the last 5 years.

The biggest question people are wondering, how is Casanova evading the FBI? The most believable Casanova Conspiracy Theory is that he is in another country already right now, and always had plan if this day came.

If the FBI never catches Casanova and seemingly “disappears” that might be a first in hiphop history.

Author: Jordanthrilla

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