The day has come for people to pick side on social media, which has Sky Daddy Twitter, Hotep Twitter, Pick Me Twitter, and LLC Twitter trending worldwide. When someone asked the question, which twitter group would you sit through a dinner party with if the prize was cash, people all over the world started to answer.

Some people might not have any idea what these terms mean, but before you see the reactions you should have a full understanding of their definitions, so we will explain what they mean.

  • Sky Daddy Twitter means Twitter users who are religious Christian fanatics.
  • Hotep Twitter refers to random black philosophers who share their thoughts on Twitter by getting ultra deep about simple topics.
  • Pick Me Twitter means women who post things to garner the attention of men, including insulting other women.
  • LLC Twitter refers to business owners on Twitter who project classism and elitism directly or indirectly.

Now that you have a full grasp of what Sky Daddy Twitter and the other Twitter groups are, take a look at some of the reactions to the aforementioned question.

Based on the reactions to the question it seems Sky Daddy Twitter stole the show for a myriad of reasons. Some people told stories of terrible experiences they had when they angered the Sky Daddy Twitter community. Others thought they would be the easiest group to get through a dinner party with. Some people were simply shocked to see the term “Sky Daddy Twitter” trending.

Which dinner party would you attend Hotep Twitter, LLC Twitter, Pick Me Twitter, or Sky Daddy Twitter? It’s a really tough question in our opinion.

Author: Jordanthrilla