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Pusha T Calls Drake Snitch For Blocking the Pop Smoke Diss Track “Paranoia” while Responding to Young Thug

Pusha T called Drake a snitch for blocking the Pop Smoke diss track “Paranoia”, while responding to Young Thug. After Young Thug said he doesn’t respect that Pusha T dissed Drake on track he was featured, Pusha T responded saying that Drake told label executives about the song so it wouldn’t be released. He then called Drake a “Police Rapper”, and revealed he also snitched on Rick Ross because of the “Maybach 6 verse”.

Take a look.

Yesterday we wrote an article about a rumor that Drake blocked this Pop Smoke song from being released because of Pusha T’s verse, it seems he is now confirming that rumor is true. It seems Drake heard Pusha T’s verse on Pop Smoke’s song, then ran to label executives and snitched so it wouldn’t be released. However, it looks like that backfired since Pusha T’s verse dissing him leaked anyway.

Pusha T won round 1 versus Drake, and it looks like he is going for another win in round two. Drake has yet to publicly speak on this situation. Drake never responded to the Story of Adidon diss track, and if he doesn’t respond to this diss track that would be a double whammy. Maybe we will finally hear the secret Pusha T diss track Drake claims he has stashed away.

Author: JordanThrilla

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