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A video showing the disgusting laundry rooms at the WNBA bubble in Orlando is going viral. Damian Lillard responded to the video with extreme anger saying “SMFH I hope this is fake”. In the video of the WNBA Bubble’s Laundry room there are hazmat suits, old washing machines, dirty floors, and random mouse traps. A far cry from the luxuries that NBA players will be enjoying.

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Take a look at the disturbing video of the laundry rooms for the WNBA Bubble.

Like Damian Lillard said hopefully this video is fake, but the person who posted it has never posted anything fake before. It brings back memories of the facilities Olympic athletes had to endure during their time in Brazil. It also brings back up the argument that WNBA players are under appreciate by the NBA.

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After seeing how the laundry room at the Bubble for WNBA players looks, it won’t be surprising if some decide not to join their respective teams in Orlando.

Author: JordanThrilla

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