Shaq dissing HBCU Colleges while telling story about failing Biology at LSU

Did Shaq diss HBCU Colleges with a story about his Biology class at LSU? Shaq is under fire, because people think he diminished the credibility of HBCU colleges on Live TV during NBA All Star Weekend. The incident happened while the Inside the NBA panel was discussing how NBA dedicated All Star weekend to Historically Black owned Universities and Colleges.

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While telling a story about his undergrad days Shaq revealed he couldn’t pass Biology at LSU, so he enrolled at an HBCU where he was able to pass the class. To viewers across the nation it seemed like Shaq was saying HBCU Colleges have lower standards in terms of academic challenge.

Press the unmute button at the bottom right of the video if you hear no sound.

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Reaction Shaq dissing HBCU Colleges while telling story about failing Biology at LSU

People on social media reacted to Shaq discrediting HBCU Biology classes with shock and anger. Kenny Smith tried his best to rectify the situation by adding in that Shaq’s biology class at the HBCU was probably just as tough.

Hopefully Shaq was trying to compliment HBCU Colleges, but just expressed himself the wrong way. If that was truly a subliminal diss on Live TV, that was very low of him.

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