Anne Heche’s car crash situation has been ruling Hollywood headlines over the past few days. The scary incident involved Anne Heche crashing her Mini Cooper into a someone’s home in Mar Vista. Miraculously both she and person who owns the home survived the accident despite it taking over an hour to put the flame out. Recently details leaked of how the activities Anne Heche did on a podcast may have led to the accident.

Did Vodka Make Anne Heche Rise from Her Stretcher like Undertaker After Fiery Car Crash in Mar Vista?

Prior to crashing her car it’s alleged that Anne Heche drank a large amount of alcohol Vodka with ‘Wine Chasers’ during the ‘Better Together’ Podcast. The episode was allegedly posted only a few hours before the car wreck happened, and not surprisingly has since been taken down by Apple. During the episode Anne Heche allegedly joked about how drunk she and her co-host Heather Duffy were about to get.

When paramedics arrived at the scene it was reported that Anne Heche was in critical condition. Surprisingly video shows Anne Heche her stretcher rising up, and seemingly trying to jump off despite her serious injuries. Some people feel this is further proof that she was heavily intoxicated from drinking Vodka with ‘Wine Chasers’ on the ‘Better Together’ podcast.

A viral RING video shows Anne Heche speeding through the Mar Vista neighborhood before the crash.

Anne Heche’s car was completely totaled and burnt after the crash, which makes it a miracle she and the homeowner survived.

Drinking and driving remains one of the most dangerous things human beings do on a regular basis, and one of the leading causes of traffic accident deaths. Being intoxicated while driving a 2000+ pound box of steel on wheels puts so many innocent people in unnecessary danger, along with your own life. In this situation someone’s home was completely destroyed, and Anne Heche is in critical condition, and it all possibly started with drinking Vodka before getting behind the wheel.

Thankfully she survived along with the homeowner. Hopefully they both make a full recovery.

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