DJ Vlad changed his stance on slavery reparation. in a viral message on Twitter, DJ Vlad said he was wrong about slavery reparations. In his post, DJ Vlad alluded to being enlightened by the way the government instantly came up with trillions when the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic began. In the past DJ Vlad thought the billions of dollars it would potentially cost for slavery reparations to paid out would bankrupt the country. He was championing free college education instead.

When you compare the cost of reparations to the trillions that was pulled out of thin air during the covid-19 pandemic, it definitely seems like it could be easily done from an economic standpoint. This seems to be why DJ Vlad has changed his stance on slavery reparations. Based on his message it sounds like he now believes paying out slavery reparations would not bankrupt the country.

Author: JordanThrilla