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Donald Trump Interrupts Joe Biden to Say “China Ate Your Lunch, Joe” at Presidential Debate 2020

The Presidential Debate 2020 between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was quite possibly the craziest ever. It was a heated back and forth full of strange insults. None was stranger than when Donald Trump said “China Ate your Lunch, Joe” to Joe Biden after interrupting him.

Nobody knew what Donald Trump saying “China Ate you lunch Joe” meant. He made the comment as joe Biden was talking about the enormous trade deficit the USA has with China.

Could Donald Trump be trying to say Joe Biden has some shady business deals gone wrong with Chinese companies? Did someone from China steal Joe Biden’s expensive lunch one day?

The world may never why Donald Trump said “China Ate your lunch” to Joe Biden during the Presidential Debate 2020. Perhaps now is the time to invest in Chinese food restaurants.

Author: JordanThrilla

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