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Double Homicide Murder of 15 and 20 year Old Inside Hotel Room Shooting Dice Recorded on IG Live

The Double Homicide Murder of 15 year old Ja’Quan Howard, and 20 year Old Taymar Jones, Inside Hotel Room while playing dice was Recorded on Instagram Live in Sycamore Township, Ohio. The video was quickly taken down by IG. In the video, the two young men who were killed, could be seen shooting dice in a hotel room, with a lot cash lying around them. Then reports of men in masks and guns coming into room started. According to news outlets, 911 calls quickly came from the hotel reporting “Gunshots on the fourth floor”. The reports say they were people fighting in the room, and at least 12 gunshots or more were let off. According to reports a 911 call from the hotel room, said:

“They just shot my brother, they came in to try to rob us. Please help”

Dice games are known to lead to scuffles happening, but usually not with two young men being killed. A lot of people who grew up around the game, know it’s best to stay away from it, due to the dangers of the money involved. 15 and 20 years, is way too short of a lifetime to live, and it ended all because of a dice game gone wrong.

What is infuriating people the most, is the person recording the video, didn’t reach out for help, but instead was providing commentary on Instagram Live while there were people dying. It shows how cruel, this social media age we live in, can really be. Gone are the priorities of regular human nature. This was the second dice related shooting in the Cincinnati area, in recent weeks. Pray for their families through this tough time.