Gillie Da Kid Posts Video Proof He Ghostwrote for Lil Wayne

Gillie Da Kid Posts Video Proof He Ghostwrote for Lil Wayne.

Many years ago, Gillie The Kid claimed he was ghostwriting for Lil Wayne, which led to a beef happening between them. Today, Gillie Da Kid possibly posted proof he ghostwrote for Lil Wayne. Gillie the Kid posted a freestyle video from 2005, that sounds exactly like Lil Wayne.

Gillie Da kid captioned his video proof with "Rap City The Basement 2005".

Now take a look at Lil Wayne's Rap City The Basement freestyle from the same year, where he called Gillie the Kid, "Willie the Squid".

When you compare Lil Wayne and Gillie Da Kid rap city freestyle side by side, you can see they are identical in every way. It seems like Lil Wayne took Gillie Da Kid style, flow, mannerisms, and even the sunglasses look. It's important to note that Gillie Da Kid's freestyle was aired before Lil Wayne's.

It's clear Gillie Da Kid is still trying to prove to the world that he ghostwrote for Lil Wayne. There still isn't any concrete evidence of the ghostwriting accusations, similar to what Meek Mill provided wit the Quentin Miller reference tracks when he accused Drake of using a secret ghostwriter.

Author: JordanThrilla



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