Hollow Da Don thinks his life his in danger, and he took to Instagram to make a public plea. It left many people worried, and scared for his life as well. He goes as far as to say he was thinking about getting an assault rifle.

Here is the full statement from his IG Post:

“Ya’ll can make all the jokes you want, but I left the streets in 2015, I conduct business. I don’t sell drugs and I don’t hang out with people that do illegal activities. I’m putting out this video, because I truly feel my life is in danger and I spent all morning thinking about getting an assault rifle. Then I thought about my son, and started at the thought I’d be willing to take someone’s life over clothes and money…”

He gonna grow up without me, because I was scared to look corny and just tell the people I’m scared for my life. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to go back to prison, and I don’t want to die. It’s either this or read “Battle Rapper Hollow Da Don go caught with a Ar-15” or “Battle Rapper Hollow Da Don shot and Killed”. I’m here alone in Los Angeles, I have no enemies here and I bother no one.

I’m sorry to the people I did bad business with. Things have gon too far when you are spending thousands of dollars to try to take someone down. Invest that into building yourself up, and bringing out the God in you.

You can make a brand 10x bigger than LOM with this time, money, and energy that has been spent. It’s going on 2 years now. FYI this is called dry snitching for people that’s in the street. I pay taxes and don’t qualify for the streets. I’m a square period, I like life better that way at 35. I’m not a kid, and the people doing this are mid 40’s that’s what so crazy. Please don’t text me, I’m turning my phone off.”

Here is the video where Hollow Da Don pleads for his life on Instagram in fear that someone is trying to kill him.

Pray for Hollow Da Don, through this tough time.

Let’s all hope he remains safe.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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