An Indian Doctor dancing in front of COVID-19 patients is going viral. Indian surgeon Dr. Arup Senapati danced to a Bollywood song like Michael Jackson, while wearing a hazmat suit at Silchar Medial College, Assam.

The Indian doctor’s dance moves for COVID-19 patients were so great that some people accused him of being a professional dancer.

Take a look.

If you are suffering from COVID-19, this Indian Doctor’s dance moves are sure to cheer you up. Worldwide the cases of coronavirus continue to climb, but the death rate continues to plummet to almost below 1%.

WHO announced a few days ago that the worldwide death rate of COVID-19 is now identical to the worldwide death rate of the Flu. Things are looking up as data continues to show COVID-19 is very similar to the flu in terms of how deadly it is.

This Indian doctor dancing in front of COVID-19 patients is a legendary moment during a scary year.

Author: JordanThrilla