Israel Adesanya's Ghislaine Maxwell Snitch List

It’s been a few days since Ghislaine Maxwell was sentenced to 20 years in prison for her role in Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile ring. At 60 years old when she’s out of prison she will be 80 years old, so her prison time could possibly be a life sentence. Still yet some people are convinced that justice has not been completely served, and that includes the legendary UFC star Israel Adesanya.

Israel Adesanya’s Ghislaine Maxwell Snitch List Pedophile Conspiracy Theory Question Goes Viral

Do you remember when there was viral rumor that R Kelly was creating a snitch list of other celebrities who were a part of his pedophile ring? During his trial investigators insinuated that he was supplying underage women and men to people, but their names were never mentioned. The same way people are still wondering if those people will ever be exposed is the sentiment behind Israel Adesanya’s Ghislaine Maxwell snitch list question.

During a recent interview he revealed his thoughts about the recent closure to the long the trial. Investigators revealed that Ghislaine Maxwell helped supply and recruit underage women for $exual practices. This has some people convinced that there are many rich people out there who were involved in the heinous situation, but are walking around freely without repercussions. Israel Adesanya wants to know why they haven’t been persecuted. He wants to know where Ghislaine Maxwell’s snitch list with the pedophile’s names is hiding.

Israel Adesanya has always been one of the most outspoken and confident fighters in the UFC, so him making a bold statement like this isn’t surprising. He’s not afraid to ask those questions most star athletes would be afraid to in front of the media’s cameras.

Is there really a Ghislaine Maxwell’s snitch list? Only time will tell.

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