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Jeremy Renner Abusing His Ex-Wife Allegations Trend as Critical Condition Snowplow Accident News Spreads

One of the consequences of being a celebrity is that everything about your personal life is constantly scrutinized. In this day and age most people have short memory when it comes to celebrities, and their transgressions, but there are some memories that people never let go of. In many cases domestic violence accusations seem to stick with a famous person for a long time, and even when their health is in grave danger social media still brings up the past. Jeremy Renner is experiencing that right now as his integrity is being attacked on Twitter despite his dire situation.

Jeremy Renner Domestic Violence Allegations Trend After News He’s in Critical Condition Due Snow-Plow Accident Spreads

According to reports Jeremy Renner severely injured his legs after being run over by snow-plowing machine called a “Snowcat”. The incident happened while he was clearing snow out the driveway of his Lake Tahoe ranch. A report from TMZ stated that he lost a lot of vital red fluid, but a neighbor with doctor experience was able to save his life until medical personnel arrived. Apparently the snowplow either crushed, or chopped up his legs. A viral video shows Renner being airlifted to a Reno hospital around 9:50am. As of now he is said to be in critical condition, but is considered stable, which means there’s hope he will survive.

Despite the tragic situation some people on social media began to talk about the 2019 situation where Jeremy Renner was accused of abusing his wife whom he is no longer married to. His ex-wife claimed he threatened to kill her after putting a gun in his mouth.

In response some twitter users defended his honor with claims that his ex-wife fabricated the story, and added the proof could be that he has full custody of his daughter. They urged people to stop spreading the alleged misinformation.

This situation just goes to show how cutthroat social media can be when you’re a male celebrity accused of treating a woman in an ill manner. Nevertheless it seems the accusations his ex-wife made were never fully confirmed, so it’s hard to judge him now three years later.

With that said the fact still remains that he’s in critical condition in the hospital, and has family and friends who love him, so hopefully he can make a full speedy recovery.