Jerry Krause is the villain Swackammer from Space Jam. The proof is in the striking resemblance between Jerry Krause and Swackhammer, both physically and mentality wise in Space Jam. We compared Jerry Krause and the villain from Space Jam side by side below to highlight their similarities.

The way Michael Jordan feuded with Swackhammer, is similar to how he feuded with Jerry Krause behind the scenes. Scottie Pippen’s 7 year $18 Million contract Jerry Krause wouldn’t let him get out of, is similar to the mentality of the villain in Space Jam towards his players.

Lastly the same way Swackhammer’s team slowly started to turn on him eventually falling apart, is similar to how the Bulls were slowly becoming frustrated under Krause, eventually falling apart in 1998.

It seems clear with the evidence at hand that Jerry Krause is the villain in Space Jam, most likely.

Author: JordanThrilla