Max B responds to Young Thug from prison for dissing French Montana in a new viral video. Max B called Young Thug “mediocre”. Young Thug claims he has given Max B more money and done more for him than French Montana since he’s been locked up in prison. Max B decided to phone in from prison just to respond to the Young Thug‘s comment.

During the phone call, Max B says he has no time for “mediocrity” and people know they don’t want problems with him. Max B says he’s focusing on his music, and other rappers will have to work harder once he is out of prison releasing music again.

All in all, it seems like Max B is warning Young Thug not to mention his name again during his beef with French Montana.

Earlier today, Young Thug revealed that French Montana might have been knocked out by two rappers.

Author: JordanThrilla