Joel Embiid Gets Mad After Ben Simmons Slaps His Butt During the All Star Game.

Ben Simmons spanked Joel Embiid making him very angry during the All Star Game. After Ben Simmons slapped Joel Embiid’s butt, he turned around to see who spanked him, and was not pleased when he saw it was his teammate.

Take a look.

It’s not clear if Ben Simmons knew he would make Joel Embiid mad, or if he found out at that moment. It brought back memories of the time Luka Doncic got mad when his coach slapped him.

Sixers fans are probably hoping this doesn’t end up with Joel Embiid requesting a trade from the team.

Maybe Joel Embiid will compromise and have Sixers amend his contract with a no butt slapping from teammates guarantee.

Author: JordanThrilla