Cardi B “59 Brim” Blood Gang Set Charged RICO then FBI Arrests Her Best Friend Star Brim.

Cardi B 59 Brim blood gang has been arrested in an FBI round up after RICO charges. Cardi B’s best friend Star Brim was arrested and charged with being the “Godmother” of the blood set, meaning the highest ranking female member.

The police reports say an agreement has been made that she will be allowed to postpone her arrest until after her baby is born. She was one of 18 members of the gang who were charged.

According to the police summaries of the case they have every detail about the 59 Brims blood gang including their real names, street names, the gang structure, their jobs in the gang, who leads their prison gang, who leads their street gang, and who the leaders are. It really seems like exactly what happened to the 9 Trey Blood gang in the Tekashi69 case.

Author: JordanThrilla