Kawhi Leonard Literally Programs His Robotic Injured Knee on the Bench During Clippers vs Magic Game.

We here at Jordanthrilla have heard the rumors that Kawhi Leonard is a robot, and now we may have visual proof.

During the 4th Quarter of a Clippers game, Kawhi Leonard was seen literally programming his knee on the sideline.

It looked like he pressed a million different calculations in the span of a few seconds.

It looked like he was pressing different button combinations so fast, it almost didn’t look like his hand was moving, kind of like a spokes of a rim when the tire is moving real fast.

In most cases you would see players wrapping there knee with ice, but when you’re the robotic Kawhi Leonard, you just program knees out of basketball mode.

Who knows maybe Kawhi Leonard’s knees are being run by the xenobots we wrote about here earlier this week.

Author: JordanThrilla