Kevin Durant Dissed WNBA Player Aerial Powers after she called out Andre Iguodala for only posting her jersey number in a tweet. Andre Iguodala tweeted “number 23 from mystics is nice” on July 28, which made Aerial Powers who he was referring to angry.

When Kevin Durant tweeted “#14 is different breed” on July 30 while watching an WNBA game, it was clear he was taking subliminal shots Aerial Powers.

It’s not confirmed that Kevin Durant was disrespecting Aerial Powers, but based on the timeline it seems clear he knew what he was doing by only posting the jersey number of another WNBA player. It all goes along with common issues of most people not knowing any WNBA player by their actual name when watching a game. Think of it like in NBA 2K when generic unknown players only get called by their jersey number.

There is always tension between WNBA and NBA, and it looks like Kevin Durant dissing Aerial Powers may have reignited it.

Author: JordanThrilla