Joe Budden Dissed Virgil Abloh selling $440 Hoodies to exploit black culture. Virgil Abloh is selling hoodies that say “I support young black businesses” with a hefty $440 price tag. That literally goes against what the hoodie says on it, which has angered many people including Joe Budden.

This led to Joe Buden calling Virgil Abloh a “menace to society”, and urging people to stop buying his overprice $440 hoodie.

Most people reactions to Virgil Abloh’s $440 hoodie have been the same as Joe Budden. They see him as a complete fraud who is trying to make a quick dollar off black culture. Many people also pointed out the fact that Virgil Abloh’s wife is white, although that wouldn’t have an affect on supporting black businesses.

One thing is for sure, you can’t say you are supporting young black businesses by selling a hoodie for $440. That defeats the purpose of the message on the hoodie. Joe Budden definitely won’t be last celebrity to call out Virgil Abloh for trying to exploit black culture.

Author: JordanThrilla