Joe Budden Dissed Virgil Abloh selling $440 Hoodies to exploit black culture. Virgil Abloh is selling hoodies that say “I support young black businesses” with a hefty $440 price tag. That literally goes against what the hoodie says on it, which has angered many people including Joe Budden.

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This led to Joe Budden calling Virgil Abloh a “menace to society”, and urging people to stop buying his overprice $440 hoodie. In his full message he said, “please stop supporting this bulls***, dude is a menace to society at this point lol”.

Most people’s reactions to Virgil Abloh’s $440 hoodie have been the same as Joe Budden. They see him as a fraud who is trying to make a quick dollar off black culture. Many people also pointed out the fact that Virgil Abloh’s wife is white, although that wouldn’t have any affect on supporting black businesses.

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One thing is for sure, you can’t say you are supporting young black businesses by selling a hoodie for $440. That defeats the purpose of the message on the hoodie. Joe Budden definitely won’t be last celebrity to call out Virgil Abloh for trying to exploit black culture.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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