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Kyle Kuzma Gets Revenge on Katya Elise Henry: Kyle Kuzma Embarrasses Tyler Herro in Game 1 of 2020 NBA Finals

Kyle Kuzma got revenge on Katya Elise Henry during Game 1 of the 2020 NBA Finals. As you may or may not know, the biggest storyline of the NBA Finals is the love triangle between Tyler Herro, Katya Elise Henry, and Kyle Kuzma. The matchup between Herro and Kuzma is very personal.

Round 1 of this 2020 NBA Finals battle went to Kyle Kuzma as he embarrassed Tyler Herro with Katya Elise Henry watching courtside during Game 1. Kyle Kuzma even turned into Magic Johnson with passes with Tyler Herro guarding him. He was even throwing lob passes to Lerbon off the back of the rim.

Kuzma was flexing on Tyler Herro to send Katya Elise Henry a message in response to her diss.


With 5 minutes to go in the third quarter Tyler Herro had a -39 plus minus, while Kyle Kuzma had a +19 plus minus.

When Katya Henry and Kyle Kuzma broke up, she dissed him with a very personal remark. It seems that might be giving Kyle Kuzma the extra edge he needs to play perfectly in the role player slot for the Lakers. Something he has been struggling to do consistently all throughout the playoffs.

Who will win round 2 in the 2020 NBA Finals Love Triangle battle over Katya Elise Henry, Herro or Kuzma? We can’t wait for Game 2.

Author: JordnThrilla.