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LaMelo Ball Says He Has Interviewed With Knicks and Not Timberwolves and Disagrees With Lavar Ball’s Warriors Comment

Knicks fans have a long shot at getting LaMelo Ball in the 2020 NBA Draft, but a new video sheds a glimmer hope. Lamelo Ball said he has interviewed with the Knicks, but not Timberwolves in a viral video. Lamelo Ball also revealed he disagrees with Lavar Ball saying he doesn’t fit on the Warriors.

Lamelo Ball explained what teams have been asking him and trying to find out about his personal life during the draft interview process, since there are a lot of negative rumors surrounding his name on social media. Timberwolves had the #1 draft pick, while Knicks have the 8th pick. Lamelo is expected to go top three in the draft.

Judging from the interview, Lamelo Ball wants to be a Knick, but is adamant he can fit on any team. As we mentioned above, Lamelo Ball disagreed with Lavar Ball’s comment that he doesn’t fit on the Warriors, who have the Number 2 draft pick.

Lavar Ball may be alluding to the fact that Lamelo Ball wouldn’t be able to shine right away with Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry being the ball dominant players.

Knicks fans have been through years of never ending sorrow, but Lamelo Ball saying he has interviewed with Knicks may put a smile on their faces. To be quite honest a young team like the Knicks is the perfect fit for Lamelo Ball to become a superstar right away.

Author: JordanThrilla

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