Leaked audio of Snoop Dogg trashing Eminem’s “STAN”, while giving his opinion is going viral. During an interview Snoop Dogg was asked to give his thoughts about hearing a “STAN” sample on another song. At this point Snoop Dogg called Eminem an “internet rapper”, and said his “STAN” record was “bulls***” during a disrespectful rant.


He took it a step further by using a nerd sounding voice to mock Eminem rapping on “STAN”. It’s clear something about Eminem rubbed Snoop Dogg the wrong the way.

While it’s not entirely clear why Snoop Dogg dissed Eminem’s “STAN” record, he did allude to himself being “gangster”. He didn’t say it directly, but it seems like Snoop Dogg was saying Eminem was a fake gangster when he made it clear he would never rap about a crazy fan sending him letters.

It would be interesting to see what his opinion would be if he were asked the same questions today.

Author: JordanThrilla

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