Lil Boosie is still banned from Instagram, and he still wants his account back badly. Lil Boosie offered Mark Zuckerberg $100K for his Instagram account back in a viral tweet. Not too long ago, Lil Boosie released a series of videos almost in tears begging for Instagram account to be unbanned.

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Now Lil Boosie is willing to give $100,000 to Mark Zuckerberg if he gives him his Instagram account back. There is one problem though, Mark Zuckerberg is worth billions, which makes $100K like $1 dollar to him.

Lil Boosie has adamantly said Instagram is how he “feeds his family” in the videos he released begging Mark Zuckerberg to lift his IG account ban. If he is willing to give up $100K he might really be telling the truth.

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Given the amount of chances Instagram gave Lil Boosie before giving a permanent ban, it’s highly unlikely he will get his account back. Who knows, maybe Mark Zuckerberg will see Lil Boosie’s $100K offer and have a change of heart of about his IG ban. Crazier things have happened in 2020 right?

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Author: JordanThrilla

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