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LSU Lays the HAMMER Down on Odell Beckham Jr For Handing out Cash to LSU Football Players

When Odell Beckham Jr handed out money to LSU Football players celebrating their National Championship last January, he never expected it would get him banned from LSU, his alma mater.

LSU banned Odell Beckham Jr. for two years from all LSU facilities for handing out cash to LSU players on Live TV. In addition they will remove eight scholarships due to booster payment violations. It’s clear they took that incident very serious.

Here is a video of the handing out cash moment that got Odell Beckham banned from LSU.

When people first saw the footage back in January, everyone knew trouble would follow. However, most people would have never guessed the investigation would be going on years later. Odell Beckham Jr is an emotional player, so there is no telling how he will react to getting banned from LSU facilities. Will it affect his on the field play?

Odell Beckham Jr banned from LSU just for handing out some cash to players sounds just about 2020. Rules are rules though.

Author: JordanThrilla