Lupe Fiasco found out FBG Duck died while on IG Live with his fans. Lupe Fiasco’s reaction when he found FBG Duck died was heartbreaking. When a fan asked Lupe Fiasco “Did you know FBG Duck”, he replied asking why he used the past tense. That’s when Lupe Fiasco searched FBG Duck on his computer and found out he was murdered.

The moment might bring a tear to your eye. You could sense how finding out about FBG Duck’s death on IG Live caught Lupe Fiasco off guard

When Lupe Fiasco realized FBG Duck was dead after searching on his computer, he was almost speechless just saying “wow”. He then said “that’s terrible” before going more in depth about the situation.

FBG Duck’s death is affecting many people in different ways. A lot of people didn’t realize the impact he had in the Chicago area. It must of been really tough for Lupe Fiasco to find out FBG Duck was murdered on IG Live.

Author: JordanThrilla