A new prison video of the alleged Pop Smoke killer on IG Live possibly sending codes to the streets about the real Pop Smoke Killer is going viral.

In IG Live footage the accused Pop Smoke killer is mopping the prison floor as he raps and throws up his set. At one point the alleged Pop Smoke killer says “if I tell you to google a dead homie, it’s going to spread. That will be talking through the tv“. On first listen that statement doesn’t make sense, but once Pop Smoke killer starts rapping, the specific lyrics he saying seem to make it clear the secret message he might be trying to send to the streets.

It seems the alleged Pop Smoke killer went on IG Live to let people know he isn’t snitching. He also may have insinuated the person who actually killed Pop Smoke is already dead.

The comment he made about “Talking through the TV” is a term that might mean cops were listening to every word he was saying. When he started rapping the first lyrics the alleged Pop Smoke killer said were, “I’m not going to incriminate myself, so they can sit me on the shelf”.

Based on the comments during the accused Pop Smoke killer’s IG Live session, most of the viewers seem to think he didn’t kill Pop Smoke. They were all wishing him freedom.

It seems the alleged Pop Smoke killer is saying he won’t snitch even if he didn’t do it. It’s possible it all means nothing besides him just getting a chance to be IG Live too. There may or may not be more to this situation than meets the eye.

Author: JordanThrilla

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