Is Drake dead? Hashtag #RIPDrake went viral making people react thinking Drake is dead, which had many people asking the aforementioned question. The rumors were quickly put to rest by the Twitter Guy who already had a tough time being trolled on social media yesterday.

When the Twitter guy wrote “No Drake is not dead”, people began to react with tweets conveying how they felt about “RIP Drake” hashtag making them think Drake was dead possibly. Take a look.

With all the tragedies going on in HipHop these past few weeks, it’s surprising people would troll about Drake’s death happening. The hashtag #RIPDrake trending another example of how “zero chill” is the theme of social media these days. Can you imagine Drake’s mother logging into Twitter and hashtag #RIPDrake is the first thing she sees?

Luckily Drake isn’t dead, so maybe he will find some dark humor in #RIPDrake trending worldwide. Hopefully he didn’t have to explain to any of his close family or friends that he is still alive.

Author: JordanThrilla