Nu Jerzey Twork Fights URLTV Owner Norbes for Messing With His Baby Mama in Viral Video

Nu Jerzey Twork Fights Norbes for Messing With His Baby Mama in Viral Video.

Nu Jersey Twork beat up Norbes the co owner of URLTV battle rap league in a new video. Norbes and Nu Jerzey Twork where allegedly fighting over Norbes sliding in Twork's baby mama DM's. You could tell it was very personal for Nu Jerzey Twork based on the ferocity of his anger in the video.

It's always shameful to see grown people trying to harm each other in such senseless ways. Violence is never the answer in any situation, and only serves to make it worst.

Based on the video it looks like Norbes will be okay, but probably has a lot of bumps and bruises.

Let's hope no one was seriously hurt, and that cooler heads prevail from this point forward.

Update: Nu Jerzey Twork explains the fight in more detail in a new viral video you can see here.

Author: JordanThrilla



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