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One of the Men Who Murdered Michael Jordan’s Father Speaks and Reveals New Details in Viral Interview

One of the men who murdered Michael Jordan’s father spoke out and revealed new details in a new interview with DJ Vlad. Daniel Green spoke about the moment Larry Demery told him he shot Michael Jordan’s dad. He then recollected the moment he saw the dead body of Michael Jordan’s dad.

Daniel Green and Larry Demery shot Michael Jordan’s dad while attempting to rob him as he slept inside his car. The murder happened only few days after Michael Jordan had just purchased his dad a new car. Larry Demery was put up for parole just few months ago on March 12.

A lot of conspiracy theories surfaced soon after that his Michael Jordan’s gambling issues were connected with his father’s death. However, police investigation confirmed Daniel Green and Larry Demery didn’t even know it was Michael Jordan’s dad they had murdered at the time of the crime.

It seems now Daniel Green is very remorseful about the pain he caused Michael Jordan when he was part of taking his fathers life. RIP to Michael Jordan’s father.

Author: JordanThrilla

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