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Opps Had $1 Million Bounty on FBG Duck Head According To His Friend Byron OneTrey Williams

More details have emerged about the days leading up to the FBG Duck’s murder. The Opps had a $1 Million bounty on FBG Duck Head according to his friend Byron OneTrey Williams. The information was revealed in viral tweet where his friend threatened the people who shot FBG Duck.

Byron OneTrey Williams wrote “just found out they had a 1 million bounty on your head, they couldn’t take you. They’re time is coming too, I Love you”.


You can sense the pain and anger FBG Duck’s friend was going through when he found out about the $1 Million bounty on his head. Based on his reaction it seems his friends want all the smoke and will retaliate. Things are probably about to get real bad in Chiraq.

Hopefully there are no more causalities. When people are putting $1 Million bounties on FBG Duck head, when he was trying to keep peace before he was murdered, you know the war in Chicago is getting out of control.

Author: JordanThrilla

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