Did you know Osama Bin Laden’s niece is a Trump Supporter? Noor Bin Laden is not just a run of the mill fan, Osama Bin Laden’s niece is a Trump supporter to the extreme. It’s sounds crazy we know, but this is the 100% truth. Osama Bin Laden’s niece recently released some statements revealing she has supported Trump since 2015.

Yes, Noor Bin Laden even wears the infamous red MAGA hat that is a staple for avid Trump Supporters.

Osama Bin Laden’s niece might be the only Trump supporter that has a custom made full body MAGA outfits. She lives in Switzerland, but allegedly feels she’s an American. Some reports alleged an entire wall of her room is covered with the US Flag.

It seems like the Matrix, but this could have something to do with the fact that Osama Bin Laden was an ally of the US in the early 90s. That would be the only way to make sense of this.

No one would of ever expected that during the 2020 election Osama Bin Laden’s niece would endorse Trump.

Author: JordanThrilla