People are accusing the NBA of racism towards black coaches after Nets hired Steve Nash with no coaching experience. Many people were expecting Jacque Vaughn to get the Nets coaching job since he served as Interim head coach at Orlando Bubble. Naturally it was shocking when Nets chose a white coach with no experience over a black coach with experience.

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Jacque Vaughn became the third black coach at Orlando Bubble to lose his job to a white coach. The league had 14 black coaches a few months ago, and now has only 5. Take a look at some of the reactions.

NBA has been on the forefront of fighting social justice issues, but the racism within the league itself is not talked about often. Is it a coincidence that black coaches in the NBA don’t get a fair shake? Is it a coincidence that black coaches in the NBA are becoming more and more rare? Is it a coincidence that NBA franchises are quick to hire white coaches with less experience over black coaches with more experience?

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These questions are leading people to accusing the NBA of racism towards black coaches.

Author: JordanThrilla

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