Joy Taylor made a major announcement about Kentucky on Instagram. In her announcement the former host of the famous Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless show “Undisputed” urged fans to do one thing. Joy Taylor wants people to place a bet on Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

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She claims it can make the most exciting two minutes in sports even more exciting. Joy Taylor even goes as far as saying the Kentucky Derby is America’s best race. Listen to Joy Taylor making the historical announcement.

The Kentucky Derby is basically the Daytona 500 of Horse Races. In 2019 there was a very controversial ending to the race that left a lot of people very emotional.

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One of the aspects that makes the race so important are the massive wagers and bets that people place. In that short 2 minutes unthinkable amounts of money is lost and made. This is probably why Joy Taylor says betting on the Kentucky Derby can make those two minutes more exhilarating.

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Author: JordanThrilla

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