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People React to Donald Trump Testing Positive For Coronavirus COVID-19 By Telling Trump to Drink Bleach or Inject Lysol in Viral Trend

When Donald Trump announced he had coronavirus COVID-19 it sent the entire world into a frenzy. People near and afar reacted with mixed emotions showing empathy or disregard. People reacting to Trump testing positive for coronavirus COVID-19 by telling Donald Trump to drink bleach or inject Lysol, had the most viral tweets.

Take a look at some of the twitter reactions to Trump catching coronavirus.

The reactions mostly convey the incredible irony of the whole situation. The alleged comment Trump made about drinking bleach in the past is now fuel of millions of jokes on social media, because of Trump’s coronavirus infection. The person people accused of disregarding the severity of the coronavirus now has the COVID-19. From a standpoint of public perception this has to be a bit embarrassing for Donald Trump.

From a political standpoint Donald Trump getting infected COVID-19 could be beneficial in terms of the presidential debates and upcoming election. This will likely prevent him from having to do another face to face debate anytime soon, unless it’s in a virtual setting.

Now the question remains is will Donald Trump get any severe symptoms? Or will he be a part of the large majority who have no symptoms? The survival rate of the coronavirus is over 99%, but the small percentage of fatal cases is largely people in Trump’s age group.

Author: JordanThrilla

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