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Envy Caine Gets Robbed and Violated in Atlanta and Goons Go on IG Live with Envy Caine Hacked Instagram and Delete All His YouTube Videos

Envy Caine got robbed and violated in Atlanta, and his Instagram and YouTube were hacked as well. Rumors say Envy Caine was robbed, because he said GDK on a new song he released. The people who robbed Envy Caine in Atlanta deleted all his YouTube videos after allegedly hacking his account. The robbers went on Instagram Live with Envy Caine’s hacked IG account.

Take a look a the footage from the goons confirming Envy Caine got robbed in ATL.


The video shows Envy Caine’s robbers have weapons and know where he lives. They had enough knowledge to get into all his social media accounts. The goons gave Envy Caine 24 hours to leave Atlanta in the footage.

Will he follow their order and get out of town for his own safety, or will he stay confirming he wants all the smoke?

Hopefully cooler heads prevail, there has already been enough tragedy in Hip Hop this year.

Author: JordanThrilla

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