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People React to Gigi Hadid “Baby Daddy” Post About Zayn Malik Getting Over One Million Likes in 20 Minutes

People reacted to Gig Hadid’s “Baby Daddy” post about Zayn Malik getting over one million likes in 20 minutes. After Gigi Hadid posted the photo kissing Zayn Malik, social media went berserk liking the post at a rate only K Pop fans could achieve. The photo had Gigi Hadid fans serenading her like never before.

Take look at the twitter reactions to Gigi Hadid calling Zayn Malik “Baby Daddy” and getting over a million likes in 20 minutes.


The reactions where mixed, with some people sarcastically mocking the social media frenzy around a simple post. When Gigi Hadid’s “Baby Daddy” post with Zayne Malik went that viral, even she was probably shocked.

Author: JordanThrilla

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